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Quooker tap

Discover the benefits of a hot water boiling tap

A boiling water tap is a sleeker, faster, and quieter alternative to a traditional kettle. It offers the convenience of filling a pan of pasta or a mug of tea with the simple touch of a button. They have a higher cost and some maintenance requirements, so it is important to understand the different benefits before you decide.

What are the benefits?

Quicker than a kettle 

Some of the quickest kettles on the market still take nearly two and a half minutes to boil water. A hot water boiling tap is instant.

Doesn’t use as much water

By filling your mug or pan directly from the tap, you only use the precise amount of water for your needs.

Saves space

If you need to declutter your worktops or prefer the streamlined aesthetic, a hot water tap will help.

Cheaper to run

Despite being on standby to keep water hot for your tea or pasta pan, instant hot water taps are remarkably inexpensive, using as little as 3p a day on standby.


With their safety features to prevent accidental use and they can’t tip over, the hot water tap is arguably safer once you are comfortable using them.

You don’t need to pick it up

If you struggle with mobility, filling, lifting and pouring a kettle can be a concern.

Most have water filters 

A water filter will remove harsh-tasting chemicals and soften and aerate the water.

Discover Quooker

With a Quooker in your kitchen, you always have instant 100°C boiling water alongside regular hot and cold. You can also add a Quooker CUBE, and you will also have filtered chilled and sparkling water – all from the same tap.