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Welcome to Spaces By Design, a specialist kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showroom for Stamford and the surrounding area. We offer high quality kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, fully tailored according to what our customers want and need for their homes. We pride ourselves on offering a
complete furniture design and installation service, with the promise that you will never be faced with a salesperson, and we will never lose the personal touch. Ultimately, we offer excellent value for money, creating quality, long lasting designs, every bit as unique as you.

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Stamford Home Design Studio

At Spaces By Design, we are passionate about home furniture design, creating beautiful, personalised spaces for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. As experts in Interior design for Stamford and the surrounding area, many clients come to us for the complete and detailed home design service we offer, benefitting from professional guidance on furniture, as well as soft furnishings, lighting, colour schemes, and more.

Visit our Stamford home design studio and you will quickly discover that we are distinct, and we are designers; we know that no two spaces are ever the same, just as no two people are the same, and so whether you want a flowing look from one room to the next, or else a completely different theme for every room in your home, we know we can deliver.

Virtual Reality Design Experience

At Spaces By Design, we know the key to any successful kitchen, bedroom or bathroom is a design which looks and feels right to the person(s) who will be using it. We understand that remodeling any room within your house is usually a big commitment both emotionally and financially, and so we want to do all we can do to assure you that the decisions you are making are right. For this reason, we have invested in the very latest 4D virtual reality software so you can literally step into your brand-new room space, trying it out before committing to buy!

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Ca'Pietra Tiling

Ca’Pietra is a family business that has been at the forefront of tile and stone design for 30 years. From statement on-trend tiling to classic stone, they’ve got it all. Inspired by the beauty of nature, they are committed to craftsmanship, quality, design and manufacturing. They adore the beauty of natural stone, interesting patterns and always making a statement. Their wide range of tile and stone will transform any space into a warm, welcoming home bursting with wow factor.

who are spaces by design?

Founded by two passionate designers, Spaces by Design is a home design studio that offers a unique design experience that is completely centered around you.

Together they are committed to bringing this unique design experience and passion for quality materials to a wider market. Spaces will champion the passion and craftmanship of British brands and their commitment, not only to producing premium quality furniture but also more environmentally sustainable production methods. They want to prove that great design and, unique, made-to-measure interiors can be accessible to all. With both contemporary and classic themes running through their showroom displays, Marie and Andrew promise to help find a style to fit any home, perfectly.

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Visit Our Stamford Showroom

Visit our kitchen, bedroom and bathroom showroom in Stamford and you will discover a beautiful and diverse range of bespoke home furniture and accessories. Featuring modern and classic fully dressed kitchen, bedroom and bathroom sets, you can see everything from modern woods, reclaimed timbers, urban industrial, in-frame and painted shaker doors, all from the stunning Daval British furniture brand. 

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Stamford Kitchen Showroom Amenities

As we guide you through the showroom you will discover different product features and their practicalities, helping you establish the best options for you and your space. For example, we can demonstrate how much clearance you need for an island, we can show you our space-saving Slide n Hide oven, or – especially helpful for parents – we can advise on the door finishes least likely to show up small handprints!


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What Makes Spaces By Design Unique

Bespoke Designs

Every Spaces By Design project is truly unique and designed to suit your requirements.​

Unique Design Experience

Experience your new kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom with our unique VR service.


We work with British brands with a commitment to producing premium-quality furniture.

Sustainable Production

Our suppliers use environmentally sustainable production methods.