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Bespoke bedroom furniture

How much do fitted wardrobes cost?

Many factors will determine the price of a new fitted wardrobe or dressing room, and our designers will need to understand your needs and your requirements with the following points below before creating a final price.

Customise storage bedroom
Hanging storage solutions
Shoe storage wardrobe bedroom


The Brief

Are you looking for fitted wardrobes within a bedroom or extend into another space to create a separate dressing room? Will the project require any changes to walls or door positions, or can we create practical beautiful storage within the space you have already?


How much storage do you need?

Everyone will have different requirements for the type of storage they need - long hanging, short hanging, shelves, cupboards or drawers. See How much space do you need for my clothes below. The more storage you require, the more units you will need, which affects the price.


The size of the room

The bigger the room, the more opportunity there is to extend your storage options. A room with high ceilings could mean we bespoke the height of the units and add pull-down rails or add top boxes above the wardrobes. If space allows, maybe adding a dresser or a vanity area.



Details matter and can transform a space and how luxurious it feels, from leather jewellery holders, discreet and task lighting, oversized handles, matching upholstery, and so much more.



The type and style of units you choose may influence the price, from a simple flat door design to a super matt shaker. We have many colours and finishes for the doors and carcases for you to choose from.



We can design our furniture to fit the most awkward of spaces, from angled ceilings to under the stairs, we can customise our units to maximise the space. Although this comes with more design and manufacturing time, the extra cost may be worth it to release the potential of the space.



As you have read there are many factors that will influence the final price of fitted wardrobes. We would suggest you would expect a price range of between £3,500 and £10,000, with larger dressing rooms between £5,000 and £15,000.

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Cosy neutral bedroom

How much space do you need for my clothes

The arrangement and size of your wardrobe's interior are highly personal choices. You alone understand the types of clothing you own and how you prefer to organise them. If your wardrobe mainly consists of t-shirts and jeans, your requirements may differ significantly from a person who often wears long dresses.


Here are some suggestions for how much space to allow:

  1. Storage boxes – 20 cm
  2. Coats – 100 cm
  3. Shirts and blouses – 80 cm
  4. Short dresses – 120 cm
  5. Very long clothes – 190 cm
  6. Shoe rack – 25 -30 cm (allow more space for boots)
  7. Ten folded t-shirts – 25 cm
  8. Ten folded sweaters – 30 cm
  9. Hanging trousers – 60–70 cm
How much space do you need for my clothes