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Terms & conditions

1. General

1.1. Prices or specifications as shown in brochures, advertisements, and by way of samples are correct at the time of going to press, errors and omissions excepted.  Prior to the deposit being paid, the Seller reserves the right to alter any price or specification in the event of the manufacturers or suppliers to the Seller altering the quoted price for the goods upwards in accordance with market conditions.

1.2. Prices will be those ruling at the date of the order and payment of the deposit. Any invoice query is to be made within 48 hours of the date of the invoice. All prices include VAT, unless highlighted otherwise, which is due at the rate currently in force. Quotations remain current for 30 days.

1.3. If a quotation is given it is the best estimate of the final cost, but may be subject to fluctuation due to exigencies of the job which may be difficult or impossible to foresee (see 1.5., 1.7., 5.2., 5.3. 5.6. and 5.9. below).

1.4. Under some circumstances the Seller may cancel the contract without notice. Such circumstances would include inability to obtain materials, labour and supplies, strikes, lock outs and other forms of industrial action or dispute, fire, flood, drought, weather conditions, war, civil disturbance, Act of God or any other cause beyond the Seller’s control making it impossible to fulfil the contract.

1.5. Any plan drawn by the Seller is their property and copyright and may not be reproduced or used in whole or in part by any other persons without written consents. Where the Seller agrees to provide a specifically designed plan, the Customer agrees to check the accuracy and suitability of the plan. (The illustrations may show items such as plants, accessories etc for realism but please note that these are not included). If the Customer requests a copy of the designs, plans or illustrations to take away at the quotation stage an amount of £250 payment will be required by the Seller which will be refunded to the Customer only if the order is accepted when the deposit is placed.

1.6. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check, before confirming acceptance and placing a deposit or order, that all the items and the design layouts quoted for and thereafter ordered meet all their requirements exactly and to be aware that the latest quotation and order specifications may or may not include some optional extras (e.g. doors in-frame, pilasters or decorative end panels) so may therefore differ from the pictures displayed in the catalogues, brochures, design illustrations or the Studio displays. Where orders are based on details provided by the Customer, such quotations are subject to the accuracy of those measurements and/or information and the Seller shall not be held responsible for inaccuracies in the measurements and/or information provided.

1.7. Any measurements taken are from accessible and visible parts of the room and allow small, industry standard tolerances for uneven walls. If, however on removal of the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom it becomes apparent that the walls, floors or ceilings are uneven beyond these tolerances, the Customer shall be held responsible for any costs incurred to “make good” the walls, floors or ceilings or to change the sizes of the units to fit.

1.8. No liability is accepted for any consequential loss or damage whatsoever or however caused by any party other than those instructed by the Seller.

1.9. Acceptance of the goods implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

1.10. If the Seller accepts a cancellation of an order or part thereof, for any reason whatsoever, they reserve the right to charge the Customer or their legal representatives with the amount of any losses or expenses incurred as a result of such cancellation.

1.11. The Customer is responsible for obtaining all necessary planning permission and Local Authority consents and permissions for the work to be carried out and no responsibility attaches to the Seller in the event that they have not.

1.12. Our Guarantee is not transferable.


2. Payment

2.1. Payment terms will be not less than 60% non-refundable deposit of the total purchase cost, payable on acceptance of the quotation for both Supply only or Supply and Fit.

Payment two will form not less than 30% of the total purchase cost and is payable either

i) Cash or Credit Card– on the morning of the agreed Delivery Date

ii) Bank Transfer on the morning of the agreed Delivery Date.

The 10% balance of the total kitchen cost is payable on completion of the fitting. **

2.2. For Supply Only: –The remaining 40% balance is payable prior to or on the date of delivery of the goods via the above criteria and delivery will be subject to balance payment having been received.

Completion of the fitting shall be the last day of the installation.  Any additional work requested which was not included on acceptance of the order (e.g. additional work as per 5.2, 5.3, or 5.6 below) is to be paid for separately. Payments are not to be withheld in the event of contractors (carrying out work which is not under the Seller’s contract) on site not having yet completed their work e.g. tilers or decorators.

2.3. If a payment is not made, the Seller reserves the right not to make delivery of the goods or to terminate this contract.

2.4. Late payments i.e. from 5 days after the completion of the fitting** shall attract interest payments.  These will accrue from the due date at the rate of 10% per month and any debt recovery costs shall be met by the Customer.

2.5. Ownership of the goods shall remain with the Seller and shall not pass to the Customer until the agreed price for them, together with all other sums due from the Customer to the Seller have been paid and cleared in full.

2.6. By paying the deposit you have entered into an agreement to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.


3. Delivery

3.1. For supply only, shortage of goods, damage or defects must be notified within 72 hours of delivery.

3.2. The Seller cannot accept liability for delay in dispatch or delivery.

3.3. Delivery and installation dates are not binding and the Seller will use their best endeavours to meet delivery and installation dates but where these are altered as much notice as possible will be given.



4.1. The Seller will provide products to the quality shown on display. In the production of solid wood and veneered doors, great care is exercised in the selection of materials. However being a “living” natural product it is not possible, nor is it felt desirable to strive for total uniformity of shading and grain pattern. The aim is, at all times, to operate within controlled parameters which recognise that some variation is both acceptable and aesthetically pleasing.

4.2. When installing a wooden product into a new property or extension it is strongly advised that the building is first dry, well ventilated and adequately heated.

4.3. Please be aware that laminated worktops may vary from the samples in the showroom and also quartz could have shade and pattern variations which may vary from the samples in the showroom. All should be thoroughly checked and accepted by the Customer for acceptable colour match prior to cutting and installation.

4.4. A template for quartz will be made on site during the installation for complete accuracy of measurement and, subject to the supplier’s work load, will usually be ready to be fitted within the following 7-10 days.

4.5. All products are covered by the relevant manufacturer’s guarantees and as such any liability in respect of faulty goods is the manufacturer’s responsibility See 6.0. Payment must not be withheld in respect of a particular product e.g. appliance; however, the Seller will use their best endeavours to help the Customer to pursue any claim for repair or replacement as quickly as possible (excluding any legal costs).


5. Installation

5.1. The fitting is always carried out by the Seller’s team of reliable, qualified and trusted bona-fide sub-contractors (hereafter known as the Installers) who are liable for all aspects of the installation and who are covered by their own liability insurances.

5.2. If during the pre-fit survey or during fitting it is found that the existing electric, gas or water installations do not meet current regulations (e.g. British Standard BS7671 Part P Electrical Regulations) or safety considerations requiring additional works, the cost of these or any other necessary additional works will be quoted for separately and only carried out with the permission of the Customer.

5.3. If the gas supply is not “to point” it may be necessary to extend the pipe work via the best available route which may be outside, or via the ceiling, or via the floor of the property in compliance with safety regulations. The need to do this may only become apparent during the installation and the cost of these or any other necessary additional works will be quoted for separately and only carried out with the permission of the Customer.

5.4. The kitchen, utility, bedroom and bathroom will be designed and installed subject to the dimensions and specifications in the latest signed plan. Any subsequent building work undertaken or architects’ plans should match these exactly and no liability attaches to the Seller for any consequential loss arising from any changes or alterations to the property which do not exactly match the dimensions stated in the latest plan agreed with the Customer and the Seller.  It is the responsibility of the Customer to notify any subsequent changes which are made.

5.5. The Seller reserves the right to postpone the installation if any building preparation work is not fully completed in time (e.g. the plaster is still wet on the walls or the work is not completed to the specifications shown in the latest agreed plan see also 5.4 above).

5.6. Removal of any pre-existing unit or old fixtures may cause some damage to surrounding areas. The agreed price does not cover “making good”, unless stated otherwise, neither does it cover painting, decoration, plastering or tiling unless specifically stated.

5.7. All fitting carried out under this agreement is subject to the Installers’ own standard workmanship guarantees.

5.8. The Installers will use reasonable endeavours to keep disruption to water, gas and electricity supplies to the minimum reasonably practicable. The installation will be carried out as quickly as possible; however no time penalties will be incurred by the Seller in respect of the time taken for completion.

5.9. All designs are based on what is possible with what is visible at the time of the survey. If during the installation it is found that any services, structures, or restriction that impedes or impacts the design, then the cost of change or correction will be chargeable to the customer.

5.10. Installation work may cease at any time should it be identified or suspected that there is a situation which may cause a hazard to life or property. Where such a situation found to be present, the Installers will reserve the right not to resume work until the situation is declared safe.

5.11. Please be aware that unless it is specifically stated and agreed all tile adhesive, grout and trims needs to be discussed, between the customer and the installer.

5.12. As a service provider we realise that the installers have a duty to perform their trade with reasonable care and skill. We ask that you safeguard personal items to limit the possibility of accidental damage in the kitchen or adjacent areas. We cannot be held responsible either during delivery or during installation as we have detailed this to you in these terms and conditions.

5.13. Supply Only: – If the Customer is carrying out their own installation using their own Installers (i.e. Supply Only), the Seller is not liable for any aspect of the installation including errors, faulty or poor workmanship or damage. For Supply Only contracts the Customer is solely responsible for taking delivery of the Goods and for checking the order and reporting any errors omissions or damage within 24 hours when the Seller’s responsibilities will otherwise cease.


6. Warranty.

6.1. Our guarantee covers the repair or replacement of any furniture unit and component if it is found to be defective due to the manufacturing of the materials or workmanship.

On the occasion a component is no longer available we will replace it with a functional replacement part.

6.2. We offer a 5 warranty period for kitchen and bedroom carcase products, such as cabinet construction, carcase materials, including Blum hinges and Blum drawer components. For other goods see 6.8

6.3. Warranties for bathroom products vary depending on the type of product and manufacturer, but all parts and warrantied for a minimum of 1 year. Extended warranties may be available on brassware if the buyer registers them directly with the manufacturer.

6.4. Your guarantee period commences from the date we delivered your product. If we replace your product the remaining period will transfer to your replacement product.

6.5. If your kitchen is used in the way it's intended and it breaks down within the guarantee period, we will repair or replace the parts affected. Here's what isn't covered:

  • Consumable items, for example: batteries, filters, bulbs, belts, brush bars, fuses, tap washers etc.
  • Fair, wear & tear, for example: scratches, marks and blemishes through usage, stains, chips, door hinge alignment, pullout accessory alignment.
  • Damage caused by not carrying out regular maintenance.
  • Damage to cables or pipework.
  • Blockages; blockages to waste pipes and waste traps for example
  • Accidental damage caused by a knock or collision
  • Negligent use, misuse, neglect or careless operation;
  • Use of any product which is not in accordance with the Instruction Manual.
  • Use of parts, accessories and consumables, which are not supplied components by the Seller.
  • Faulty installation, additional work or repairs - unless carried out by a Bonafede installer/tradesman under our instructions.

6.6. The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The guarantee becomes effective from the start of the installation.
  • You must provide proof that all payments have been made, including any installation balance that was due, before we can repair or replace any component under the guarantee. Please keep evidence of all payments made.
  • The repair or replacement of components under guarantee will not extend the period of the guarantee.
  • We will in most circumstances require evidence of the fault in question. This can be a photograph you supply or we may need to make a site visit.
  • If we make a site visit, it will be our decision as to whether the fault is covered by the guarantee in accordance with the exclusions above.
  • The guarantee provides benefits which are additional to and do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

6.7. Guarantees are transferrable with the sale of your property and any remaining period will continue. Here's what you will need to provide

  • The original proof of purchase from the seller.
  • Evidence of any change of ownership.
  • Evidence of full payment as detailed above

6.8. Appliances and other third-party product guarantees, electrical and gas appliances, sinks, taps and other products supplied by the seller but not manufactured by the seller are covered by the respective manufacturer's own guarantee or warranty. It is your responsibility to register any product warranties as detailed in the product's supplied paperwork within the time period allowed.


Please do not hesitate to ask if you want further clarification on any of the above Terms and Conditions.