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Kitchen spaces

A kitchen is often the heart of your home, as much a place for cooking as it is for enjoying with family and friends. At Spaces By Design, we will work with you to ensure your kitchen space fulfils these demands and is tailored to your lifestyle.


Working together to create the perfect kitchen space

Understanding your unique needs is the most important stage of our kitchen design service, forming the vision through to installation.

Using our extensive knowledge of ergonomics, space planning and interior design we will seamlessly blend the functional with the inviting to make your kitchen practical and sociable, going beyond your expectations.  

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Experience your kitchen space before it’s built

With our latest 4D virtual reality software, you can step into our Stamford showroom and experience your brand-new kitchen design before your project progresses. 

Make sure you are happy with the colour scheme, see how you’ll navigate around your new kitchen and check your cupboards, drawers and appliances are in the best place for you.

Picture this: exploring your kitchen-to-be, experimenting with colours, navigating the space, adjusting cupboards and appliances - all in a true-to-life 4D simulation. This technology empowers you to make informed decisions tailored to your space.

For larger kitchen spaces, take a stroll, circle around your envisioned kitchen island, and fine-tune every detail to perfection. It’s all about ensuring every aspect aligns with your vision and daily routine. 

At Spaces By Design, we’re not just about creating beautiful kitchens; we’re about delivering an experience. Our dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology into the design process ensures that your dream kitchen isn’t just a dream – it’s a perfectly visualised reality.

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It's all in the detail

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Weldon kitchen space cocktail bar6

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Gold tap kitchen finishes

Corner cupboard kitchen storage

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From clever cupboards and innovative extractors to comprehensive work surfaces, the level and quality of your design are always maintained. The solutions we can provide for you are endless.

Our thorough understanding of space helps bring your vision to life, ensuring every inch of your kitchen space is transformed beyond all expectations.

Kitchen space FAQs

What style of kitchen should I have?

There’s a wide range of kitchen styles to consider if you’re remodelling your room.

It’s possible to create a look that’s contemporary, traditional, transitional, farmhouse-style and more, and choosing between different cabinetry styles is crucial to getting the desired aesthetic. You can read more about the different types of kitchen styles here.

Can I fit an island in my kitchen?

An island is often at the top of the wishlist for your new kitchen, and we understand as it offers a practical, sociable, and stylish space to enjoy with your family and friends. However, a kitchen island takes up a lot of space, and if you don’t have enough, it can affect the whole design of your new kitchen. 

For an island to work, you need to be able to move around it easily, rather than having to turn sideways, squeeze past, or not be able to open the dishwasher. 

Ideally, you should have 120cm between the island and any other counters or furniture to allow flow around the island. If space is tight, this can be reduced to 90cm minimum without compromising the kitchen functionality.

I have a small kitchen, what colours should I use?

If you want to make your small kitchen, feel more spacious, the right choice of colour can make all the difference.

Dark shades – small rooms can be painted light or dark depending on how much natural light they have. If your kitchen has lots of natural light, consider opting for dark paint shades to create the illusion of more space.

Pastel shades – pastel colours can bring interest to your kitchen space and help it feel bigger.

Blue shades – blues are associated with nature and can help evoke a sense of freedom and enlarge a small space. 

Yellow shades – create a relaxing ambience and make your kitchen feel lighter and brighter with yellow shades.

How much does a kitchen cost?

Our high quality, British-made and fully customised kitchens are designed thoughtfully for your space. A small kitchen will typically start around £18,000 supply only. 

For larger kitchens with a higher specification of finishes, appliances and quartz worktops can be upward of £25,000

How much should I spend on a kitchen?

As a guide you can use the 5-10% rule where the entire remodel should cost no less than 5% of the current value of the home and no more than 10%.

Gas v Induction hob

Choosing between a gas or an induction hob is a key decision when designing a kitchen. Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference, but here are a few pros and cons to help with the decision:

Gas hob pros

  • You can feel more connected to the cooking experience
  • It can help make adjusting the temperature easier as you can see the flame
  • They are compatible with most types of pots and pans

Gas hob cons

  • They don’t always offer the same level of precision heat control
  • They can look bulky, especially in a minimal or modern kitchen
  • They can take longer to reach temperature
  • They are often more awkward to clean

Induction hob pros

  • They heat up much faster when cooking
  • Precise heat control can be controlled in increments
  • They are easy to clean by wiping down with a cloth
  • They are available with a downdraught extractor

Induction hob cons

  • Having no flame may lessen the cooking experience
  • You may need to purchase some induction-friendly pans
What is a downdraught extractor, and do they work as well?

Downdraft extractors integrated into your hob eliminate the need for an overhead extractor hood. They work to eliminate odours, steam, and smoke by drawing downwards.

How is a downdraft extractor vented?

Depending on your hob's location, you can opt for fully vented extraction (where air is expelled outside) or a recirculation system. When a hob is situated on an island or in challenging installation areas, the recirculation mode is a convenient option.

Do downdraft extractors perform effectively?

We are big fans of downdraft extractors, particularly models from Siemens and Neff. With extraction integrated into the hob, odours and smoke are quickly removed as they leave your pan. This feature is particularly advantageous in kitchens with high ceilings, where traditional cooker hoods may be less effective due to their elevated placement above the hob.


No stress, no fuss, we manage the whole build for you

Through a dedicated team of fitters, tilers, electricians and more, this means we can take care of all project works from start to finish without you having to be involved in any of the organising. Your project will be fully managed to arrange all orders, deliveries, and schedules of works, and we will be on site regularly to check on progress and ensure all is running smoothly. And in the rare event something does go wrong or isn’t as expected, we’ll often have produced a solution or fixed it without you even knowing!

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We had our new kitchen installed in March this year after 9 months plus of us deliberating, changing our mind, and redeliberating! Even during installation Spaces were infinitely patient throughout and guided us through the process with great advice and ideas. The end result being a kitchen design which works perfectly for us, with the installation having been led, in meticulous detail.



Enjoy your space

At Spaces By Design, we understand that your kitchen is the heart of your home, where friends and family come together.

We create spaces that work with your lifestyle. From bar seating to family-friendly spaces, versatility is the key. An evolving space to entertain, spend quality time together and of course for cooking.

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Talk to us to transform your space

Would you like to book a time slot to visit us?
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Our opening times are Monday - Friday: 10am - 4pm | Saturday 10am - 1pm | Sundays & Bank Holidays: Closed. Pop in a date and time suitable for you to visit us at the showroom and we will confirm if we are available.

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