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What style of kitchen should I have?

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to selecting your new kitchen style, but it all depends on your style and preference.


Shaker-style kitchens, though originating in the 18th century, boast enduring charm and are a great option if you are looking for an effortless chic kitchen aesthetic. 

The cabinet doors feature a five-piece construction, comprising a flat inset panel bordered by rails above and below, with stiles on the sides, adding subtle detail without excessive ornamentation. 

Reflecting the ethos of the Shaker community, which migrated from the UK to the US in 1774, these cabinets prioritise honesty, utility, and simplicity. Shaker cabinets exude a timeless appeal that transcends traditional and contemporary boundaries. While cherry and maple were traditional choices for Shaker furniture, modern options often include oak, while painted finishes in pale tones can enhance brightness and create an illusion of space, whereas darker hues make a bold statement.

Traditional shaker kitchen design space colsterworth59


There are a range of options available if you are considering a modern kitchen style, including cabinetry in diverse materials and finishes. 

Consider incorporating two or more base colours, wall-hung cabinets, and island cabinetry to infuse a contemporary flair into your kitchen space. When contemplating cabinet colours, greys and warm neutrals remain a popular option, alongside the perennially sought-after white for its space-expanding effect. 

Alternatively, embrace the trend of moody dark tones like rich blues, greens, and statement black to create a cosy ambience. Don't shy away from adding pops of colour to selected cabinetry for a playful touch in your modern kitchen. 

Cabinet finishes have evolved beyond singular materials; wooden doors can be paired with manmade finishes, metallic accents can provide subtle highlights, and smooth surfaces may contrast with textured counterparts. While flat-fronted cabinets are common, both handleless and inset handles are favoured options, with the latter adding understated detail to the overall scheme.

Bainton kitchen design28


Opt for slab-style kitchen cabinets for a contemporary twist. Unlike the panel design in Shaker and traditional styles, slab cabinets feature flat doors, creating a sleek and streamlined appearance. 

This distinguishes them from modern kitchens, which often incorporate a variety of colours and finishes, as slab cabinets typically feature a single hue. The finish may range from high-gloss vibrant colours to combinations of hues for a striking impact. However, painted finishes in subtle whites, neutrals, and dark tones are also viable options. If the Euro-style look isn't your preference, but you still desire a clean aesthetic, consider slab doors with warmer finishes such as walnut or oak, whether solid wood or veneer.

Weldon kitchen space cocktail bar4


Whether situated by the sea, a lake, or inland, cottage kitchens are known for their quaint, compact, and rustic elements. Original features are restored with care while modern appliances are often discreetly concealed. 

These kitchens often boast industrial or nautical lighting, traditional metal fixtures, and cherished collectables. For cabinetry, opt for traditional styles like raised panels, beadboard designs, or intricate open grate doors. Freestanding furniture adds charm and offers display space for china and decor. 

Distressed paintwork lends a lived-in feel and complements industrial accents, while simple off-white finishes brighten small spaces with limited natural light.

Crafted kitchens stamford


Traditional kitchens are renowned for their attention to detail and embellishments while remaining highly functional. Cabinets in traditional style often boast raised panel doors with intricate details such as scalloping or bevelling, with decorative profiling or mitered corners. 

Crown moulding adds to the grandeur of the space, while toe kicks create a furniture-like appearance. Glazed cabinets are common for display purposes. Island cabinetry may feature corbels, pilasters, and wainscoting, turning them into focal points. 

While white and pale shades are prevalent, traditional kitchens also embrace different finishes, incorporating mid or richly-toned woods, dramatic dark hues, or brighter paint colours alongside other finishes.

Traditional kitchen spaces by design


Transitional kitchens are among the top two favoured styles. They seamlessly blend contemporary and traditional elements for an elegant and timeless look. Optimal cabinetry choices include Shaker-style or similar designs with inset panels and clean lines, providing subtle yet refined detail.

Typically painted in neutral tones such as white, beige, or grey, although blue is increasingly popular. Two-colour schemes with a neutral base and contrasting island are trendy, while wood finishes highlighting the natural grain offer an alternative option.

Our design team can help you decide which option would best suit your space, the character of your home and most importantly, what style you like.

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