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How to make my small bathroom look bigger?

Small bathrooms pose unique challenges compared to larger ones, particularly in terms of functionality and space optimisation. When tackling a small bathroom remodel, our goal is to enhance both the size and usability of the space.

Keep it light

Although we don’t fully subscribe to the ‘make it white to make it feel light’ mantra, using light colours can make the space feel more spacious. Keeping everything the same, or hues of the same colour, from the floor and wall tiles or even the paint on the walls, even consider painting all the doors the same colour too.

Embrace the dark side

Sometimes tiling or painting a small bathroom, particularly a windowless cloakroom, a dark colour, can create depth and an illusion of a larger space.

A dark ceiling can make a room appear taller than it is, or a dark trim around windows and doors can exaggerate the depth of the room

Spa style bathroom

Simplify your material choices

In compact areas, it's essential to avoid overwhelming the space with an excessive array of materials. Our approach is to maintain simplicity, typically beginning with a selection of three materials as a foundation to work with.

Large tiles in a small space

There is a misconception that small bathrooms should only have small tiles. However, the many grout lines between small-format tiles can contribute to a cluttered feel in a small space. Opting for large format tiles can have the opposite effect, as fewer grout lines create a more streamlined and spacious appearance in the room.

Wall-mounted units and toilets

Floating vanities impart a lighter and less obtrusive presence in a space. Allowing the floor to remain visible underneath creates the illusion of more roominess. Additionally, it facilitates cleaning underneath, enhancing maintenance convenience.

Langtoft bathroom space green bright fun pink gold9

Extend the floor tile up the wall

We enjoy playing with materials, colours and patterns to increase the perception of space. Extending the floor tile onto the walls draws the eyes upward, creating a sense of depth and heights in the space.

Add an alcove

We firmly believe that every bathroom, where possible, should feature an alcove. It is an ideal storage space for all your shower essentials while decluttering the space.

Langtoft bathroom space green grey calming14


In small spaces, maximising natural light is key. Mirrors are a simple and effective way to achieve this, as they reflect natural light, instantly brightening and enlarging the room. Additionally, your choice of materials can also contribute to bouncing light around the space effectively.

Lighting the way

Ensure you incorporate task, ambient and mood lighting into your bathroom design. Each type serves a crucial purpose. Task lighting, like wall lights and pendants, illuminate specific areas, such as the vanity, where tasks are performed. Ambient lighting, such as recessed lights in the ceiling, provides overall illumination for the entire bathroom. Mood lighting helps you relax and unwind in the bath, and night lights are easy on the eye in the dark of night.

Pocket doors

If you’re in the early stages of a build or your bathroom remodel allows, adding pocket doors can have great space-saving benefits. Eliminating the door swing creates additional usable space within the room.